Please bring any test results or other documentation you have with you to your visit. Dr. Lindner cannot order any tests
prior to a consultation since a doctor-patient relationship has not been established. Local patients should just arrange an
initial office consultation with Dr. Lindner. He will order the appropriate tests which are usually covered by insurance. The
results can be discussed in a second visit. Dr. Lindner can order testing for long distance patients after a formal phone
consultation. If you are in an HMO, then it may be that only tests ordered by the HMO's physicians, or done in the HMO's lab
are covered. Medicare covers tests ordered by Dr. Lindner. Getting your personal physician to order the blood or saliva
tests can be difficult. The physician should not order tests when he/she does not understand their purpose. Even if he/she
agrees to order the tests, he/she may not order all of them or may order them incorrectly. So it is often best to either consult
with Dr. Lindner first and have him order the tests, or self-order them using the links below.

These are the typical initial blood tests, with CPT codes, that Dr. Lindner will order--based on signs and symptoms:

Total Testosterone 84403
Free Testosterone 84402
DHEAS 82627
TSH 84443
Free T3 84481
Free T4 84439
Hematocrit (Hct) 85014
Hemoglobin (Hgb)  85018
Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy 82306

If you are a menstruating woman, estradiol and progesterone tests are usually not necessary as their levels can change
drastically from cycle to cycle and within each cycle. However, if you do want to see your luteal-phase hormone levels, you
should test for estradiol and progesterone around 7 days before you expect your next menstrual bleeding to begin. Men
should try to get a free testosterone by equilibrium dialysis rather than the direct free testosterone. The bioavailable or
free-and-weekly-bound testosterone is also a very good measure of free testosterone.

Blood Testing
If you have no insurance-coverage for labs or a you have a high deductible, it will save a lot of money by ordering the blood
tests yourself online. (Unfortunately, residents of NY, NJ, MD, MA and RI cannot self-order blood or saliva testing.)
HealthcheckUSA (800-929-2044) has test panels that are less expensive than ordering the tests individually:

Men:       Roby Institute Male Series Option A   $195 and a CBC-complete blood count $40
Women:  Roby Institute Female Series Option A  $195 and Ferritin test: $40
At the HCUSA site, be sure to click on the "Add to Cart" button to the right, and not the one below the test description.

The best prices for individual tests at this time can be found at
BLT System. There a CBC or ferritin is less than $10 each.
However they do not yet have convenient panels.
PrivateMDLabs and Walk-in-Lab work with LabCorp. Health Tests Direct
RequestATest work with both LabCorp and Quest. New Century Labs, HealthLabs.com, Accesa Labs and DirectLabs
work with Quest. You simply add the tests you want to your cart and then provide payment information. The company will
e-mail you a link so you can print out your lab requisition. You take this with you to the LabCorp or Quest site. You'll receive
results within a week. You can send us a .pdf copy of the results or bring a printed copy with you when you see Dr. Lindner.

Members of
Life Extension Foundation can order these tests with a comprehensive blood chemistry panel including
cholesterol levels:
Men: Life Extension Male Weight Loss Panel ($324).
Women: Life Extension Female Weight Loss panel ($324) plus ferritin $28.
(Menstruating women should do the testing for progesterone levels  on day 20 to 21 of menstrual cycle.)

Testing for Hypocortisolism (adrenal insufficiency) with a Diurnal Saliva Cortisol Profile
Saliva cortisol testing is the best way to assess one's free cortisol levels under normal conditions throughout the day. This
test is necessary for persons with chronic fatigue, widespread pain,  fibromyalgia, hypoglycemia, depression, anxiety,
nausea, insomnia, or low blood pressure. Saliva testing is covered by insurance with a doctor's order and a diagnosis of
fatigue/malaise. After your initial consultation, Dr. Lindner can order a saliva cortisol profile to be done at Labcorp or
another lab, and this will be covered by most insurance policies. Do
not do a saliva cortisol profile if you've been using any
hydrocortisone cream on your skin in the last 6 months as the results will be abnormally high. Collect four saliva
specimens on a relatively low-stress day like a day-off work or a Sunday. Do not take anti-depressants or amphetamines the
day of the saliva test as these artificially boost levels for hours after the dose (which is one reason that they are so often
prescribed). Your doctor could order saliva cortisol testing this way:

Diurnal Saliva Cortisol--4 specimens 82533 (x4) LabCorp code: 502124 (x4)
30 minutes after awakening, right before lunch, right before dinner, and at bedtime.
Do test on non-working day with lower stress

You can self-order a
4-collection saliva test from Quest for $199 at RequestATest. (You can order LabCorp's saliva profile
there also for $399.) For $135 you can self-order
ZRT's diurnal cortisol profile. For ZRT you'll only need to collect 2 milliters
of saliva per tube, not half the tube as per the instructions. Saliva cortisol testing can be done at any time during a
menstrual cycle.

In addition to a saliva cortisol profile, a serum DHEAS, a morning serum cortisol 82533 and ACTH test 82024
complete the testing for adrenal insufficiency.
Have the blood drawn before 9am. If the AM ACTH is very high it
signifies primary adrenal insufficiency (Addison's Disease). However, in most cases of symptomatic cortisol deficiency the
ACTH is within the reference range; the problem is secondary-central cortisol deficiency--due to inadequate ACTH
secretion. Beware, most endocrinologists think that they can rule-in or rule-out cortisol deficiency with an ACTH stimulation
test. This is not true. A normal ACTH stimulation test does not rule out a partial central cortisol deficiency. The ACTH
stimulation test is positive only in severe, long-standing central or primary adrenal insufficiency.
For Health and Quality of Life
estradiol 82670
Total Testosterone 84403
Free Testosterone 84402
DHEAS 82627
TSH 84443
Free T3 84481
Free T4 84439
Ferritin 82728
Vitamin D, 25-hydroxy 82306